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Haus of Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Haus of Jewelry polishing cloth is a highly effective and easy way to care for your precious silver jewelry.

The polishing cloth remover tarnish from your jewelry to ensure a long lasting shine.



  1. Ensure jewelry is completely dry.
  2. Remove tarnish by gently rubbing with cloth.
  3. Polish by rinsing jewelry surface again.
  4. Finish by rinsing jewelry in warm water.



  • Cover clothing & surfaces before polishing.
  • After use, store cloth in packet - do not wash.
  • Replace when cloth turns black on both sides.
  • Wash hands after handling polishing cloth

Made from 100% cotton

SIZE 11 x 16 cm.

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Premium Quality


Crafted by the Thai goldsmith’s mastery and hand-finished with premium quality materials. 14-karat gold plated 925 Sterling Silver.

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"It’s just beautiful. Very nicely made and handcrafted. I got it for a gift for my sister and she loved it.


Pink Saranrach

14 FEB 2020, 14:42

"My ears are sensitive to non-gold, and these do not irritate my ears. I have worn these for a few days straight, and the metal hasn't tarnished or changed color on the part that is in contact with my skin. There is no irritation so these are safe to wear if u have the metal allergy.

Ing Yolwaree

28 Nov 2019, 18:18


"It looks exactly like the pictures. Good quality. Totally worth the money."


Jane Willson

31 Dec 2019, 13:21