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3-Hoop Earring - Silver


3-Hoop Earring works for both everyday outfits and special occasions, as it combines classic elements with a beautiful, understated design. Showcase yours with side-swept hair. Only need 1 ear piercing for 3-hoop cuff earring. You may gently open and close the opening of the top ear cuff to accommodate the thickness of your ear.



925 Sterling Silver. Nickel free.


Quantity & Measurement

  • A side of 3-hoop earring
  • You can choose left or right side.
  • Length 2 cm.
  • All materials are made of White gold plated 925 Sterling Sliver
  • 1 micron plating
  • The stones are Cubic Zirconia

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Premium Quality


Crafted by the Thai goldsmith’s mastery and hand-finished with premium quality materials. 14-karat gold plated 925 Sterling Silver.

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Si Tanwiboon

wearing 3 Hoop Earring

Thai Supermodel 2006

Yol Pranvarin

wearing 3 Hoop Earring

Instagram @yolpranvarin

Followers : 237K

Punnies Skulratana

wearing 3 Hoop Earring

Instagram : @punniessrtn

Followers : 9K

"Love it. It's so beautiful. The package is beautiful. Good solid feel and weight, perfect sizing, went on smoothly and stayed in place with open adjustment on the top hoop."


Amy Anderson

07 Dec 2018, 11:25

"This cuff earring is perfect. It's easy to adjust so that the stay where you want them to on your ear. They are very comfortable and are super cute and the quality is very good."


Linda Nelson

12 Sep 2019 21:08

"These will fit everyone differently based on ear size and shape. It took me a minute to figure out best placement on my ears, but once I found that spot, I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t feel this cuff. They look equally classy and edgy! Highly recommend!"

Kate Devis

29 Jan 2020, 09:25