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The Cut | What to Gift the Gen-Zer in Your Life

The Cut | What to Gift the Gen-Zer in Your Life

As a Gen-Zer myself, I’m well aware that my generation is known for a lot of things — impeccable taste being one of them. Sure, I might be biased, and I know that it’s hard to assume a whole generation can get behind certain trends and items. But if you read through this list, I can almost guarantee you’ll find the perfect gift for your Gen-Z bestie.

From Apple Airpod Max covers and exercise dresses to viral TikTok productslike the Kosas concealer and Baggu bags, anybody with a Gen-Z mind-set will appreciate these products. (I know I do. Friends and family, consider this my holiday wish list.)

However, don’t let these items discourage you. You don’t have to belong to this group to wear or own these products. If this roundup is still not what you’re looking for, we’ve also got stocking stuffers and employee gift ideasthat span the generational divide.


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