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"E" for Ella Emhoff

"E" for Ella Emhoff

Ella Emhoff, carving her niche in the fashion realm, is not only a visionary knitwear artist but also a rising model. After captivating the industry with her distinctive style, she secured a contract with IMG Models, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career. Renowned for her runway debut at the Proenza Schouler show, Ella continues to redefine fashion norms, blending creativity and individuality seamlessly. Her journey reflects a fresh and dynamic perspective, positioning her as a notable force in both design and modeling.

Beyond her creative endeavors, Ella Emhoff is not just part of the fashion evolution but actively contributes to societal change. Advocating for inclusivity and diversity, she is a vocal supporter of social justice movements. Emhoff has aligned herself with organizations striving for positive change, joining hands with initiatives dedicated to breaking down barriers in the fashion world. Her involvement underscores a commitment to making a difference, creating a more equitable and representative space. Ella Emhoff is not merely a fashion icon; she is a catalyst for tangible transformation, actively participating in and supporting organizations that share her vision for a more inclusive future.

Ella Emhoff, our style muse, effortlessly rocks the runway and shakes up societal norms. We're thrilled to have her flaunt our EVER "E" in 3cm and EVER no. 2 necklace in gold plated at NYC Fashion Week, embodying her unique blend of fashion and activism. She inspires us to break free, embrace individuality, and make a statement. Get ready for some serious style vibes! 


Credit The New York Times


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