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Milan Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2014.

One thing about Milan Fashion Week, it is indeed a heaven for eye-candy. The best brands are rooted here, proud to present the accessorizing skill Italian has to offer.

It is all about making statement. Huge items and eye-capturing pieces are featured all over skinny wrists and boney necks, even on shiny hair.

Continuing from the last season, Fendi still holds the love for fur.
Who says fur is only for winter? Obviously not Karl Lagerfeld!

Prada paired strap bracelets as the combination of leather and feather with colourful clothes and seriously pretty bags.

Roberto Cavalli has always created the most adoring jewelry! Pieces of costume jewelry stamped with his name upon are seriously deserved applaud.


Show I love: 

Dolce & Gabbana, Antonio Marras, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Sportmax, Fendi, Prada, Roberto Cavalli





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