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The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann.

It is indeed the movie of the year; with brilliant leading actors and actresses, magnificent costumes and jewelries, and marvellous production. 

Directed by my favourite director Baz Luhrmann whose creations capture the best of dreamy theatrical production in a silver screen scale, The Great Gatsby of this decade is as marvellous as any film could ever be. 

The film transports you to the glorious era of 1920s when all parties were lavishly huge. All gentlemen and ladies clothed with glamour and sparkling diamonds. 



Even if the costumes and jewelries were not exactly designed by her, but all credits should go to Catherine Martin, the costume designer who is also Luhrmann's wife. Together, they create such wonders; taking us to another world. 

Miuccia Prada and Catherine Martin's collaboration delivers the pieces that made Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan "the most beautiful and rich woman on earth".


Just the dresses would not be enough to accomplish that statement. The jewelries worn by Daisy were made specially by Tiffany & Co. - as if the love from Jay Gatsby is not enough for all the girls to be jealous of her.

I believe motion pictures worth a million words, therefore, I shall not write any further but would say just one sentence, "please do go and see for yourself". 

For me, it really is one of a few movies in these past years that I intend to go back and watch over again.



(Pictures and information courtesy of,, Tiffany & Co.)


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