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5 Ways To Wear A Statement Necklace


1. Less Is More

A statement necklace, as the name suggests, gives a statement. Therefore you have to see your outfit as a whole thing and don’t try to use the necklace as a normal accessories for just adding some eyecatcher. Keep your look basic and simple and let the necklace shine. That means to avoid most of the other jewelry, especially earrings -  only some slender rings might work.     

2. Add Color

Maybe the simplest tip of how to wear a statement necklace in the right way is just the adding of colour. You take a plain or printed outfit and use the statement necklace to introduce some life to your look. Particularly a neon necklace will enhance your outfit and take away the dreary appearance of your clothes.

3. Collared Blouse

As you could see in some of the pictures above a very easy, but very stylish way to wear a statement necklace is to combine it with a collared blouse. Therefore it is important that the necklace is short enough to fit perfectly under the collar and just peek out a little bit. And since your blouse must be buttoned, the buttons should not be too conspicuous.


 4. Wear Your Hair Up

The point of a statement necklace is just that: To make a statement. Jewelry like this is meant to be noticed, so it's best to wear your hair back in a sleek pony or bun so that your necklace can take the spotlight. No sense in wearing something so fabulous if it's just going to be covered up by heaps of hair. 

5. Neckline – high and low

The statement necklace harmonises both with a low and high neckline. But you have to consider, that if your outfit has a high neckline the necklace should create a good contrast to the fabric and colour of your top. When you choose a low neckline instead, you have to take into account that your jewelry fits with the shape of your neckline and balances your waistline.


Now work with what you’ve got and mix with your outfits to make your look stand out a little bit more loudly!

Enjoy, girls X



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