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Haus of Jewelry: One Day With Ms. S

My love for vintage knows no bounds, going beyond clothes to houses. I could easily be fascinated by an old-day charm.
Therefore, it seems appropriate for my first post to introduce you readers an amazing collection of vintage-influenced jewelry from the very same roof. 

'Haus of Jewelry' proudly presents to you the first ever exclusive collection, ONE DAY WITH MS. S, which is inspired by a high society lady from the 50s. 

Imagine what each day of hers was consisted of.

"So, guess what Ms S. does in one day? 

Cooking, cleaning, or killing.

But, one thing we can be sure she never forgets to wear her precious jewelries."


Something that is timeless will never go out of fashion. So why don't we put on these beautiful jewelries and pretend that we are Ms. fabulous S for a day.


Brand: Haus Of Jewelry
Photographed by Picsosear


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