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Good Bye | ONE DAY WITH Ms. S

All stories start somewhere. All journeys begin with a single step. 

It has been a great six years, but the time has come to bid farewell to the first collection of Haus Of Jewelry, ONE DAY WITH Ms. S

"Without this collection,
you could say there would never be Haus Of Jewelry like today."

Yolwaree, Founder of Haus Of Jewelry

tells a story of the lady who represents an untypical housewife in the glorious days of 1950s. Fragile and feminine, Ms S is not what she appears to be on the outside. And, not a single person could predict what she will be doing next.

This fashion editorial worth look book is the collaboration of Yolwaree and Guppug, the regular Net-A-Porter photographer based in London - which is led by the idea of a daily life lived by a normal yet peculiar housewife, Ms S.

Farewell to ONE DAY WITH Ms S

Special prices with limited stocks only at Haus Of Jewelry & The Bloc Shop


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