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Long Live The KING !

In the last decade, Thailand has gone through ups and downs, darkness and dawn.
But, during those hours, the best thing we have is our Father who holds us together and by his name we know we shall be fine, we believe that righteousness will ultimately triumph. 

This 5th of December 2014, 10 filmmakers for each of 10 Virtues Of The King present 10 stories before the eyes of more than 100 millions pairs without charge.
ทศพิธธรรมราชา is the creation resulted from the cooperation of people in the film industry specially to honour His Majesty The King and his dedications for us the people. 

And, I do sincerely wish the young generations who were born later than to witness them with own eyes as well as the old generations who have been living too long for the memory started to fade - go get the tickets and sit there in theatres and relive His Majesty's devotion, determination, and sacrifice of his own comfort and convenience for the sake of us, for the sake of his people, for the sake of this nation.

Long Live The King Bhumibhol!

And, Happy Father's Day!




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