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R's Of The Moment : "Philosophy of Stones Power."

From ancient time, stones are believed to contain power amassed from the nature. As witnessed throughout history, many civilisations discovered ways to draw forth the particular power for both spiritual and physical purpose. 

Despite time and geography, intentions and methods tend to be similar. For instance, stones healing has been performed by the Chinese and the Hawaiian alongside traditional treatments; with the use of crystal and jade placed on the body of the patient.

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Apart from healing, the power is believed to amplify the positivity flowing from our body and soul. With those reasons above, the solid element is not just a piece of accessory, but is served as a charm bringing in luck and harmonising with good energy.


Long before anyone could trace back and carried down from generation to generation, the power of stones has proven to be beyond a fashion trend.

Experience it for yourself so you don’t regret not doing so.


More info: S T O N E | Philosophy. 

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