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Smile Earrings - Silver


The 'Smile' earrings are such a sweet and thoughtful way to celebrate an anniversary or Valentines' day.

Crafted from pinkgold plated sterling silver in the shape of a smile and a kiss, the stones are special collection from Swarovski. They're sleek and small enough to complement outfits, instead of being the focal point. The cool part is you can take the smile part out and wear the kiss as the stud earrings! This is the 2-in-1 earrings that you do want to have in your collection.



925 Sterling Silver. Nickel free.


Quantity & Measurement

  • All materials are made of white gold plated 925 Sterling Sliver.
  • The stones are SWAROVSKI cubic zirconia in round cut and limited edition 'Kiss Me' Cut
  • Size : 1.7cm x 1.5cm

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Premium Quality


Crafted by the Thai goldsmith’s mastery and hand-finished with premium quality materials. 14-karat gold plated 925 Sterling Silver.

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wearing Smile Earrings

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"These are absolutely perfect! They're a good size. They are an amazing quality and have sparkle to them that makes them extra-fun to look at.They are cute and match a Swarovski necklace I have."


Rivka Allard

2 Feb 2017, 09:55

"I bought these for my Wife for Valentines Day. They are perfect for this occasion. They have beautiful sparkle to them. Combined with matching bracelet, they were a big hit for Valentines Day."


Tom Cole

26 Feb 2017, 22:09

"These really are stunning earrings! That said, they are created by the famous Austrian Swarovski company, long renowned for their fine crystals. As with all Swarovski zirconia (created diamonds), they laser etched with the company name and the limited edition 'Kiss me' cut is the bonus point.'"

Audrianna T.

19 SEP 2017, 16:33