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High quality Pinkgold plated brass.


Quantity & Measurement

  • Set of dainty pave-studded bendable ear cuffs
  • Sold a set of 2
  • Ear Cuff is 5.6 mm tall
  • Metal is super bendable and flexible to fit anywhere on your ear
  • Each hoop weighs 1 gram (considered very lightweight)
  • Made from plated brass and Swarovski crystals
  • Plating is 0.03 microns + e-coating for long lasting durability
  • Plated high polish Pinkgold for maximum shine
  • Earrings are 100% nickel-free and cadmium-free

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Premium Quality


Crafted by the Thai goldsmith’s mastery and hand-finished with premium quality materials. 14-karat gold plated 925 Sterling Silver.

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wearing Pave Hex Ear Cuff

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Rowi Singh

wearing Pave Hex Ear Cuff

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wearing Pave Hex Ear Cuff

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"Luv AJ is one of my favorite brands! I am so happy to know that Haus of Jewelry imported it. I already bought a few items and will definitely buy more when the new items are coming in"


Ingrid Ruji

17 Mar 2018, 10:34

" Beautiful! Absolutely what I was looking for. Its style is very 'Luv AJ' signature and unique. I love that Haus of Jewelry has pre-order period allows us to pick items we like!! You have to wait at least for a month but it's worth to wait cause we get the special pre-order rate."


Vorasuta Wong

09 Jun 2019 20:08

"I have been spotted Luv AJ on a handful of celebrities including Gigi Hadid, Queen B, Hailey Baldwin etc and really wanna own one. I bought my first Luv AJ item from Haus of Jewelry. They's been very helpful and good service mind. I'm very appreciated and will come back for more."


Milin Kuntada

25 Nov 2020, 10:11