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Naomi Necklace

Handmade stone bead necklace with 18k gold plated stainless steel heart and bar closure. 

Tiger's eyes, Shou Shan stones, Lemon Jade, Biwa fresh water pearls, Rice pearls and Pink agates 

Length 41 cm

Stone Meaning

-Tiger's eyes will help you live more boldly, take on life more bravely, and attack challenges more fiercely. It’s got your back and is a wonderful way to overcome fear and take more risks in all areas of life. 

-Pearls are often offered as a token of affection and love, as well as good luck. Moreover, various myths place pearls as the symbols of good fortune and wealth.

-Shoushan Stone awakens the fire within and promotes forward movement. It creates balance between mind, body and spirit, fosters creativity and promotes harmony, clarity, peace and calm. It gives you the courage to defeat anxiety. 

-Lemon jade stones are luck-bringers. Confidence, abundance and self-esteem come naturally to this crystal, as does tranquilly and inner peace. If you feel you are often in harm's way, the stone will work to dispel negativity and protect you from further instances of harm. 

-Pink Agate is the ultimate energy shield. It’s said to create a barrier around your auric field to keep you safe from negativity. Pink Agate also influences sacral chakra, this energy point is your epicenter of passion and joy. As a result, it makes you feel grounded, present, and happy.