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Babylon Earrings - Pinkgold


Garden of Babylon is a lost garden in Iraq, built by a former king for his beloved queen. The most outstanding parts are the steps and the gigantic terrace with large trees, as well as an extensive irrigation system, which was very impressive at the time it was built.


The details of the steps are seen in the jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Cascading design and pearls represent fertility and devotion to the beloved woman. Clear cubic zirconia represents the water that keeps the trees alive and the genius water pumping system. Step cut technique is used to make the stones look like cascading steps, especially made for this collection.



925 Sterling Silver. Nickel free.


Quantity & Measurement

  • A pair of Babylon Earrings
  • Can be worn in 3 styles
  • Length 3 cm
  • Fresh water pearl 8 mm
  • All material are made of Pink Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver.
  • 2-micron Pink gold plating
  • The stones are Cubic Zirconia.

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Crafted by the Thai goldsmith’s mastery and hand-finished with premium quality materials. 14-karat gold plated 925 Sterling Silver.

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Patt Napapa

wearing Babylon Earrings

Instagram : @pat_napapa

Followers : 7.9M

Malinee Adelaide Coates

wearing Babylon Earrings

Instagram @malicoates

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wearing Babylon Earrings

Instagram : @ladiiprang

Followers : 3.4M

"It looks gorgeous! I wear them almost everyday cause it can go with any looks. You can take the bottom part out and it will become stud earrings. You can also upside down the top part and it will be another style. There are 3 ways to wear this earrings. I love it!! and would recommend to anyone!"


Jackie C.

19 Dec 2017 , 17:00

"These earring are very pretty and comfortable to wear. I have extremely sensitive ears and these do not bother me at all. I get compliments on how pretty they are constantly. People think they are real. ;)"


Cindy Silva

24 Aug 2019, 10:33

" I purchased it and liked it so much that I'm ordering another one either for a future gift for someone else, or keep for myself. And by the way, the friend loved it, as well, and she works in a jewelry store, and has a diamond and gem certification. Nonetheless, she loved this earrings with CZ."


Laula Miller

30 Jan 2020, 20:20